New PTO Board


Congratulations to our new PTO Board, elected at the Moanalua Elementary School’s Starlight Concert and General PTO Meeting last night at the school!

President:  Minnie Quan
Vice Presidents:  Randon Blackmon (returning), Tabitha Mitchell, and Malcolm Murasaki
Secretary:  Tammy Yamaguchi
Treasurer:  Staci Millan (returning)

Thank you for taking on these important roles for the school, kids and parent organization.  
Our thanks to our outgoing President Rob Robinson for all of his hard work and time spent this past school year!  Thanks, also to Randon Blackmon (VP), Minnie Quan (Secretary) and Staci Millan (Treasurer) for all of their time and effort spent helping the PTO.

The next PTO meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the school library.  Refreshments will be served.  You are welcome to come by and help plan activities for the coming school year.

MakerSpace: Last Workshop May 13th

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.32.28 AM

in the Library

MESPTO presents
Maker Space Workshops
Friday May 13th
Starting at 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Minions (2)
This will be our last workshop for the school year.  
Challenge of the Day:  The minions want to play table tennis but don’t have ping pong balls.  Build a gadget that will deliver ping pong balls into their buckets.

Maker space is a free exploration workshop where students can exercise their cognitive, creative, and logical skills.  Activities include electronics, physics, mechanics, robotics, 3D printing, crafts, etc…  Workshop capacity is 50 student participants at a time. Accompanying parent/guardian required & present while student is participating at workshop. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD DROP-OFF’S. If you have any questions, please email Lito Patague at


“Unleash Your Genius for Creative Innovation…”

3D Printer at work…

April RAP

The Let’s RAP Program has come to an end for SY 2015-2016 and the month of April  is our final posting.  We have much to be thankful for.  The student participation has been outstanding and it’s all with the help of teachers, parents, and volunteers.   

Participation rate for April was 87% with 546 students doing their RAP.  There were 10 classes that had 100%.  

  • PS/K:  Room K4 (Ms. Wong); K1, (Ms. Tamashiro); and K3 (Ms. Koide)
  • Grade 1:  Room A2 (Ms. Robinson)
  • Grade 2:  Room B3 (Ms. Imai) and B5 (Ms. Evans)
  • Grade 3:  Room A9 (Ms. Kamikawa)
  • Grade 4:  Room B9 (Ms. Boushey) and B10 (Ms. Kanetake)
  • Grade 6:  Room P3 (Ms. Hayashikawa)

For 2nd Semester 480 students did their RAP for the months of February, March, and April.  There were 8 classes that had 100%.

  • Grade PS/K:  Room K4 (Ms. Wong); K1 (Ms. Tamashiro); and K3 (Ms. Koide)
  • Grade 1:  Room A2 (Ms. Robinson)
  • Grade 2:  Room B3 (Ms. Imai)
  • Grade 4:  Room B9 (Ms. Boushey) and B10 (Ms. Kanetake)
  • Grade 6:  Room P3 (Ms. Hayashikawa)

And finally for the year, there were 420 students who did every single RAP.  There were 6 classes that had 100%.  These students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

  • Grade PS/K:  Room K4 (Ms. Wong) and K3 (Ms. Koide)
  • Grade 2:  Room B3 (Ms. Imai)
  • Grade 4:  B9 (Ms. Boushey) and B10 (Ms. Kanetake)
  • Grade 6:  Room P3 (Ms. Hayashikawa)

Finally, I would like to say a big Mahalo to all the volunteers who made this program a big success.  Without their help, this program would not have been possible.

  • Reviewers:  Mrs. Esther Hayashi (grandma to Tyler Hayashi), Mrs. Rose Leong (no relationship), Mrs. Karen Tengan (no relationship), Mrs. Kathy Shojinaga (grandma to Kaiya and Kyler Shojinaga), Mrs. Eloree Amian (mom to Adam), Mrs. Chio Matsudo (mom to Brison and Bright), and Mrs. Dariann Fernandez (mom to Kyler).  These wonderful ladies had a very short suspense every month to choose the 6 RAP’s from each class for the bulletin board posting and 1 from the grade for the website.  
  • Posting to the Bulletin Boards:  Mr. Steve Karimoto (grandpa to Nate and Lia Choi) took down the old RAP’s and posted the new ones all by himself every single month.
  • Distribution of prizes:  Mrs. Clara Hanakawa (grandma to Kairi & Sage Hanakawa), Mrs. Karen Tengan, Mrs. Sharon Fang (mom to Austin & Brandon Law), Mrs. Qi Wei Fang (aunt to Austin & Brandon Law), Mrs. Jackie Law (mom to Zachary & Harrison), Mrs. Leilani Patiak (aunt to Faith Domingo), and Mrs. Vivian Ma (no relationship).  These ladies counted the month and semester prizes for each class and personally delivered them to every classroom.

Also a big thank you to librarian Mrs. Lori Tonaki and Sub librarian Mrs. Lori Nasu who covered the genre for each month’s RAP.  With their help, the students were able to select the right books for each month.

And to the students and parents, continue the good work.   Have a safe and wonderful summer.  Be sure to continue reading.  See you next school year.

Joyce Yoshimoto (grandma to Colin Shimabukuro)
Let’s RAP Chairperson